Strong public response leads to good results in Crime Stoppers national campaign

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Police around Australia are busy tracking down interstate fugitives and following up other potential cases after receiving many strong leads from the public in the past two weeks during Operation Roam, the joint operation between all State and Territory based Crime Stoppers and police jurisdictions.

Crime Stoppers prepared 200 intelligence reports based on contacts made by telephone and online report forms during the national operation. The information is being used to investigate the whereabouts of missing fugitives and to follow up on other crimes reported by members of the public.

During the operation, police arrested three fugitives who had moved far away, including interstate locations, to escape justice. The list of wanted persons includes fugitives suspected of committing serious crimes such as murder, assault, armed robbery, rape and drug trafficking as well as a range of other crimes.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chairman Bryan Roach said the three arrests were a good result because these types of fugitives are very hard to locate.

“We are very pleased about the positive public response,” said Mr Roach.

“During the operation, which ran from 17 to 28 August, Crime Stoppers received 60 phone and online reports in NSW, 46 in Queensland, 41 in Victoria, 26 in WA, 17 in SA, 6 in Tasmania, 3 in NT and 1 in the ACT,” said Mr Roach.

In addition, analysis by Meltwater Intelligence showed that 672 mentions of Operation Roam in the news media plus many conversations in social media occurred during the period of the operation.

People are still able to see photos and details of suspects on this Crime Stoppers website.

Crime Stoppers Australia is an independent, not-for-profit community organisation working in partnership with police to help any member of the public play a key role in solving crime. Crime Stoppers has become one of the best known and respected community safety organisations since it was established in Australia in 1987.

Contacts from the public to Crime Stoppers for the 12 months to June 2015 resulted in more than 125,000 intelligence reports prepared from almost 282,000 contacts, which resulted in 5,753 arrests and 16,342 charges nationally.