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Crime Stoppers’ Dob in a Dealer campaign ensures ongoing disruption to Australia’s drug trade

Results from Crime Stoppers’ recent Dob in a Dealer campaign are expected to disrupt the nation’s illegal drugs market for some time thanks to more than 47,000 Information Reports received from concerned people in the community.

The Dob in a Dealer campaign, which ran from September 2018 until April 2019, encouraged people to anonymously provide information about anyone making, growing or selling drugs; with plenty taking advantage of the opportunity to share what they know.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chair, Ms Diana Forrester, said: “It’s fair to say that if you operate in the illegal drugs trade then you should start looking over your shoulder, because we experienced a staggering 65% increase in the number of drug-specific Information Reports received during the Dob in a Dealer campaign. The valuable information provided to Crime Stoppers is expected to provide police with strong lines of enquiry in relation to drug manufacturing labs, illegal importation activities and drug dealing syndicates active in metropolitan, regional and rural locations right across the country.”

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Criminals put on notice as national study shows people power delivers real results


Media statement 27th May 2019 


To mark the 20-year milestone of having a Crime Stoppers program in every Australian State and Territory, an independent study has been released as part of National Crime Stoppers Day 2019 celebrations on Monday, 27th May.

The Impact Report shows 82% of all Australians feel safer knowing the program is in place across the country. The research also finds that 81% of Australians believe the option to remain anonymous when contacting the trusted information reporting channel, is a major drawcard.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chair, Ms Diana Forrester says: “These results underline the significant value Crime Stoppers offers in collecting information which helps to solve some of the nation’s most horrific and baffling crimes. It reinforces that people can make a significant difference by anonymously sharing what they know.”

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Appointment of new Crime Stoppers Australia Chair 

Media statement 17th May 2019 


Crime Stoppers Australia Board Director and accomplished businesswoman, Ms Diana Forrester, has been announced as the new Chair of Crime Stoppers Australia.

Ms Forrester has more than 13 years’ experience volunteering in the successful crime solving and prevention program, including three years as Chair of the Crime Stoppers ACT program.


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Crime Stoppers and National Funding

Media statement 6th February, 2019


The decision to commence to close the Crime Stoppers Queensland call centre and put an alternative arrangement in place for reports from the community in that State does not impact on the operational effectiveness of any Crime Stoppers Australia jurisdiction.

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Corporate Statement

Crime Stoppers Australia is the lead coordinator of national opportunities for the eight state/territory independent, non-profit organisations who are licensed to deliver the Crime Stoppers program.  We are an integral part of community safety across Australia and our band is highly respected and recognisable, receiving 97% prompted awareness across a national brand survey.

Calls and online reports to Crime Stoppers have helped identify drug labs and dealers, catch wanted fugitives, solve arsons, thefts and robberies, and catch criminals wanted for violent robberies, assaults and murders.

We work alongside the media and police to bring awareness of issues that affect our Australian life and are aligned to corporations and individuals with a social responsibility for community justice.


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Crime Stoppers is the community’s instrument to disrupt crime.


Crime Stoppers is inclusive, accessible and non-discriminatory. The brand is synonymous with ‘positive social behaviour’ and it provides an avenue for people to take responsibility. Understanding this driver was critical to the commissioning of a study by Cube Group into the Economic and Social Impact of Crime Stoppers in Australia. The 2018 Impact Report confirmed that Crime Stoppers is people power in motion; raising issues, creating awareness, speaking up and engaging, with the knowledge that their contribution is valued and welcomed.


This is the story of the benefit and value of Crime Stoppers as a powerful community instrument for disrupting crime.


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