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In 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a detective was frustrated by a lack of progress for an investigation into the shooting murder of a young college student during a service station robbery.

With a lack of witnesses, a re-enactment of the murder was shown on the local TV station and people with information were promised anonymity and the possibility of a cash reward if the information led to an arrest.

That appeal saw a person come forward who had seen a car driving off and reported that it belonged to a resident in a nearby apartment complex. Acting on that information, two men were arrested and charged with the murder and a string of armed robberies less than 72 hours later.

Today, the Crime Stoppers International network that represents 1200 programs operating in more than 25 countries. This global effort plays a critical role in encouraging people worldwide to report transnational crimes such as people and drug trafficking, illicit trade, environmental crime, cybercrime and international fugitives.