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CSA National Conference 2018 

Canberra – 9-10 October 2018


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The Crime Stoppers Conference brings over 100 key delegates from around Australia to showcase best practice in crime prevention and detection programs whilst delivering case studies and research on emerging trends in both national and international crime categories.

Delegates represent law enforcement agencies, government officials, corporate and community leaders, media and journalists, academics and directors and staff of the nine Crime Stoppers organisations operating across Australia.

The event focuses on improving community safety around the country by delivering the most relevant and effective awareness campaigns to help solve and prevent crime.

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This yea'rs theme

The Community’s Role in Disrupting Crime – recognising the need to ride the wave of disruption to address opportunities for superior community engagement.


Featuring a blend of plenary sessions, key note speakers, panel discussions, workshops and case studies – this two day conference will be complemented by an array of quality networking opportunities held at iconic Canberra locations.

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ACT Region Crime Stoppers Limited celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2018 and is proud to host this year’s Conference at the National Press Club in Canberra.