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Any information that disrupts the supply of drugs in your community will help solve and prevent crime.

If you know something, say something. 

Highlights from the 2018-19 Dob in a Dealer national campaign include:

  • Receiving a total of 47,277 drug-related Information Reports across all Crime Stoppers programs during the campaign.
  • The delivery of 81 Local Area Campaigns in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia;
  • Generating 2,293 drug-related Information Reports from these localised collaborations;
  • Achieving an aggregated average increase of 65% in Information Reports in the immediate weeks following local area campaigns;
  • Engaging 110 new organisations to actively support the campaign, with many being community-based, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Disability organisations;
  • Generating awareness of Dob in a Dealer in the general public – with an estimated 93,395,339 people engaged through more than 1800 media features.
  • Achieving a social media audience reach of 1,939,072 people, with more than 101,000 likes, comments and shares.