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Dob in a dealer

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Dob in a Dealer 2018

Take a bow Australia - because the information you provided to Crime Stoppers during our recent Dob in a Dealer campaign is expected to disrupt the illegal drug industry for some time. 

Key campaign highlights include:

  • Receiving a total of 47,277 drug-related Information Reports across all Crime Stoppers programs during the campaign.
  • The delivery of 81 Local Area Campaigns in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia;
  • Generating 2,293 drug-related Information Reports from these localised collaborations;
  • Achieving an aggregated average increase of 65% in Information Reports in the immediate weeks following local area campaigns;
  • Engaging 110 new organisations to actively support the campaign, with many being community-based, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Disability organisations;
  • Generating awareness of Dob in a Dealer in the general public – with an estimated 93,395,339 people engaged through more than 1800 media features.
  • Achieving a social media audience reach of 1,939,072 people, with more than 101,000 likes, comments and shares.

Our thanks go to the community for their trust in sharing what they know, Police for acting on information received and for the Federal Government’s significant funding which helped make the Dob in a Dealer campaign possible.

While the Dob in a Dealer campaign has now finished, our focus on helping to stop drug makers and dealers continues.

That’s why you can still report any information about criminals or criminal activity to Crime Stoppers by calling 1800 333 000 or making a report at