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Our website uses a free online language translation service to automatically translate our content into a variety of community languages. Automatic translations are provided as a guide only. Automatic translations are quick and convenient, but may not be 100% accurate.

Crime affects everyone

Our message is clear – regardless of your cultural background, you can play a part in making a safer and more secure Australia by contacting Crime Stoppers and sharing any information that can help prevent or solve crime. Stopping crime is everyone's responsibility.

Your voice matters
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Dob in a dealer

Any information that disrupts the supply of drugs in your community will help solve and prevent crime.

If you know something, you can report anonymously and a reward may be paid for information provided.

Other active campaigns

Operation Roam | Rogue Radar
Operation Roam | Rogue Radar

Call for public to help catch 10 criminals on ‘Rogue Radar’ list 

Crime Stoppers are calling on all members of the public to help track down the 10 outlaws named on this year’s ‘Rogue Radar’ list, some of whom are wanted for serious offences including murder and sexual assault.

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Crime is crime in any language
Cultural diversity

Focus on diversity

The 2016 Census shows that nearly half (49%) of Australians had either been born overseas (first generation Australian) or have one or both parents born overseas (second generation Australian) and we believe it is important to reassure everyone that Crime Stoppers is an independent program that acts as a trusted link between all communities and enforcement agencies.

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