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Established in 1987, Crime Stoppers Australia Ltd (CSA) is an independent not-for-profit registered charity that represents the collective eight state and territory Crime Stopper organisations through its Board of Directors comprising a representative from each region plus a representative of the Australian Police Commissioners.

Together, we partner with law enforcement, the media and the community and collect information about criminals and their activities via dedicated reporting channels (1800 hotline, websites and mobile apps).  These details are then passed on to law enforcement agencies for investigation to help solve and prevent crime and keep Australian communities and families safe.

We work to create awareness of issues, share information and raise funds for campaigns and initiatives that promote a safer Australia.  In so doing, we coordinate national appeals and campaigns designed to seek public support for reporting information about suspicious and criminal activities, especially for cross-border crimes such as illicit drug manufacture, importation and distribution, wanted fugitives, illicit firearms and missing persons.

As Australia’s only independent crime fighting charity, we represent the eight Crime Stoppers programs on matters of national interest and, where relevant, in matters affecting the South East Asia region.

We also value our role as a key member of the Crime Stoppers International network and are represented by two Directors on their Board. 

Meet the Directors of Crime Stoppers Australia

Chair:  Trevor O’Hara,  Chief Executive Officer - Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited

Deputy Chair:  Sharon Hanlon, Chair - Crime Stoppers South Australia Limited

Treasurer:  Catherine Phillips, Chair - Crime Stoppers Northern Territory Limited

Company Secretary:  Vince Hughes, Chief Executive Officer -  Crime Stoppers Western Australia Limited

Police Commissioner’s Representative:  Alistair Dawson, Assistant Commissioner - Queensland Police Service

Director:  Diana Forrester, Chair - ACT Region Crime Stoppers  Limited

Director:  David Daniels, Chair - Crime Stoppers Tasmania Limited

Director: Peter Price AM, Managing Director - NSW Crime Stoppers Limited

Director:  Erika Owens, CEO - Crime Stoppers Victoria Limited


Executive Officer:  Liliana Montague